Cyclocross State Championships

Holy crap was it freekin COLD.  Had to be at least 8 or 10 inches of fresh snow on the ground, and at start time it was like 12 degrees out. 

Great course.  Lots of bundled-up fans.  Sun was out.  It was awesome.  Kudos to Boulder Racing and American Cycling Association for putting together a great season of events.

I, as usual, finished somewhere in the middle of the pack, 27th I think..  Not too bad for starting in the last row with ~60 people in front of me.  My buddy Jon finished about 15th, even with 8 or 10 crashes during the race.  I think he’ll still finish top 10 in the state points series.

The CX season is over for 2007.  That wraps up my first year, and it was great to ride for the Boulder Cycle Sport grass-roots club.  Time to take a few weeks off and get fired up for Road and Mtn Bike seasons in the spring.

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