Do ‘hostile’ takeovers work in high-tech?

I’m still trying to wade through all the stories and opinions related to the Microsoft – Yahoo! deal announced Friday.  I haven’t yet had the chance to step back and form an opinion of whether or not it makes sense, much less what it means to the Internet competitive landscape, but one thought did occur to me: do hostile high-tech takeovers even work?

It seems like hostile takeovers work when there are hard assets that can be predictably monetized, liquidated, or broken up and sold in pieces to multiple willing buyers.  Does that same hold true for MSFT + Yahoo!?

Microsoft has a reputation for competing with unrelenting zeal.  Most of the people I’ve met that are either current or former Microsoft employees are either spooky-smart or willing to work 2x as hard as their competition.. sometimes both.  Do they need to buy Yahoo!? or is it a bulk-up and box-out strategy?

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