Nocal vs. Socal

Today I did a north – south trip here in California.  Started the day in San Francisco, ended it in L.A. and am headed back to Boulder tonight.

I grew up in Northern California, so maybe I’m biased.  I’m pretty sure we were taught in grade school to hate Southern California.  After all we got the wine, culture, water, mountains, multiple climates, mountain biking and hippies.  They got sushi, the porn industry, Hollywood and palm trees.

Its not that I’m anti-Socal, its just that I don’t really like it all that much.  I had great meetings here, and for the first time I don’t think the companies I met with are somehow involved in the porn industry like most L.A. companies seem to be.  Its more that I just don’t understand the culture down here.

I can’t really put my finger on it.  I like most areas of the country.  Like NY, even though I’d never want to live there.  Lived in Boston and like the provincial people there just fine.  Spent time in Texas where my wife’s family is from, good people.  Have relatives in the south and although its flat, hot, and nowhere I would ever live, I can get along there just fine.  Except of course Disneyworld which is just plain freakish.

I guess I’m just not a big fan of L.A.  I like San Diego, so maybe its not a Southern California thing after all.  I also like Santa Barbara, but that seems like Central California to me.  I like sushi too.  Weird.

I have good friends that live here in L.A.  They must like it, or they’re in the porn industry somehow.  I’ll ask them why they like living here so much.

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